About Us

The idea of retailing novel items with quirky designs was borne out of a desire to bring a greater variety of practical, yet creatively designed products to the public.   Thus, we created zigzagme.com to reach out to more consumers and to allow them to get novel, well-designed practical, everyday items.   Products are no longer boring, but are out of the box creations instead, thus the name zigzagme was formed.  ZigZagMe symbolizes uniqueness, creativity and originality.

Our range of products are essential everyday items you would need – usable, functional but never boring!  Quirky with a twist of the bizarre, they make a playful statement but still do the job they were designed to do.  Our variety of products came from as far away as the United Kingdom, ranging from quirky household and lifestyle items to decorative pieces.  We are constantly renewing our catalogue to remain fresh and on-trend with the ever evolving lifestyles and tastes of our consumers. 

At zigzagme.com we have a strong commitment to continue to bring to the local market well-made novelties and gifts with a twist of humour and a huge dose of fun.

This is what ZigZagMe is all about.