Beer Can Alley - Zigzagme
Beer Can Alley - Zigzagme
Beer Can Alley - Zigzagme

Beer Can Alley

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A great drinking game that prove you've still got a steady hand and sharp eye.  Challenge is to knock down as many beer themed targets as you can. A great gift for parties, Beer Can Alley is an ideal accompaniment to a few ales, lagers or craft beers, and each beer can target features a fun forfeit for some laugh-out-loud entertainment with friends or housemates.

This drinking game contains: 30x beer can shaped cards, 10 x card stands, 1 x slingshot and 3 x balls. To play, simply insert 10 x beer cards at random into the supplied card stands and place on a flat surface. The first player loads the slingshot with a ball, pulls back the elastic and takes aim – they then release the slingshot and attempt to knock down as many cards as they can. The forfeit of each knocked down card should then be carried out, before the card stands are reloaded with fresh cards from the pack and a new player takes the slingshot.

Beer Can Alley is designed as a gift for adults. Not suitable for children.

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